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Data Empowers Your Decisions

Harness the power of market insights and expert analysis to elevate your investment strategy

The Power of Data

Your Data Powerhouse

We meticulously collect vast amounts of raw data, including market trends, company reports, and macroeconomic indicators, organizing them within a massive 200TB data warehouse.

Where Data Transforms

Our advanced data science models transform this raw data into thousands of valuable insights, uncovering hidden patterns and potential opportunities.

Personalized Investment Guidance

Utilizing AI, we personalize these insights, tailoring them to your individual investment goals and risk profile to optimize your decision-making.pen_spark

Data Powerhouse API

Building a 200TB Foundation for Informed Decisions

Access a vast repository of low-latency API data – real-time and historical market information on cryptocurrency, forex, stocks and CFDs empower your investment strategies.

Where Data Transforms

Thousands of Insights Drive Your Success

Our advanced data science models unlock valuable insights from raw data. Analyze market trends, identify opportunities, and track performance through interactive charts, insightful tables, and compelling data storytelling visualizations.

Personalized Investment Guidance

AI-Powered Insights for Your Portfolio

Let AI guide your investment decisions. Our intelligent portfolio management apps analyze your investment goals and risk tolerance, generating personalized recommendations for maximizing long-term returns.

“I love working at InfCapital because the cutting-edge challenges always motivate us.”

Viet Pham – Data Engineer

CEO Hoan Tran

“Extracting insights from raw data is like getting gold from sand. Creating value is our constant motivation.”

Hoan Tran – CEO of InfCapital

Hung Bui - CEO of IDSQuant

“I’m thrilled to collaborate with InfCapital. Their young, dynamic team possesses a hunger for success and deep expertise in FinTech and investment”

Hung Bui – CEO of IDSQuant, Partner


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